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Stand-Alone Flameless Airline Heat Cart

The TD 500 GSE “Flameless” Airline Heat Cart represents over 18 years of field experience, operating 24/7 in extreme conditions in the Gas & Oil Industry. The same safe flameless heat  technology demanded by insurers and site safety managers in these “extreme explosive environments” is now available for the airline industry.

The TD 500-GSE (Heat Cart) is compact, completely portable and safe- providing Clean Dry Heat for aircraft, hangars and ground support equipment. It represents the “next generation” in portable heat technology.



18 years of proven performance in the harshest conditions


Few moving parts and intelligently designed


Huge, real fuel savings versus indirect fired flame heaters. (40%)


Flameless heat is captured from the diesel engine and a patented low pressure hydraulic fluid heat plate


Therm Dynamics heaters are certified to CSA/UL standards


Expectations are for over 12,000 hours of dependable service



Fuel: Gasoline / Diesel / Jet-A Fuel
Max BTU Output: 575,000
CFM: 5,000+
Static Pressure: 20 inches
Temperature: 180°F
Max Fuel Consumption: 4.3 GPH
Power plant
Fuel Injected Gasoline Industrial 6 Cylinder 4.9 Liter (300 Cid) OHV 4 Stroke
Ford V6 3.7 Liter Gasoline Engine CAT 4.4 Tier 3 Stage 111A Emissions Diesel Engine
CAT 3.4 Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine
Weight, Empty: 4,100 lbs
Height: 61″
Width: 53″
Length: 149“
Fuel Capacity: 78 Gallons


Heating for aircraft cabins, fluid lines and luggage bays. Preheat aircraft engines and ice removal on jet turbine blades. Heating for remote, “off gate” aircraft, ground support equipment and facilities to improve productivity and work place safety. Aircraft deicing. Hangar heating while servicing aircraft and other GSE equipment. Moisture drying and ice melting of luggage bays, maintenance facilities and ground equipment.


Easy access to all maintenance components and minimal operation supervision
Low humidity, high CFM for drying. Reduces relative humidity
Clean, uncontaminated air output improves working environment. No carbon monoxide poisoning risk
Thermostat controlled operation will improve fuel efficiency
Halliburton, Conoco, Exxon, Shell, BP and Anadarko currently utilize our heaters in their fleet
Safe, flameless heat. Eliminates all risk of fires
Proudly made in Tea, SD USA


Available options include custom paint, ducting, ducting storage, recirculation inlets, operational strobe light, emergency shut-down button and many more.