About Therm Dynamics

Therm Dynamics manufactures and sells flameless heaters for commercial heating solutions. Our flameless heaters use a patented technology utilizing either a diesel, gas or an electrical power source to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, spark-less and low pressure environment to produce clean, dry heat for commercial heating. Our temporary commercial heating solutions are both safe and simple; turn-key in the truest sense of the word. High maximum BTUs together with superior fuel efficiency make our machines an invaluable tool for thermal commercial heating purposes.

The concept of Therm Dynamics became a reality in 1998. Our goal was simple: to create an industrial heater that could be used safely and had a high BTU output without spark or flame.

Today Therm Dynamics has quickly become the global leader in the manufacturing and supply of industrial heaters, portable heaters, and flameless heaters. We proudly produce our heaters in Tea, South Dakota where they were originally developed to meet the safety regulations that were being enforced in the oil industry on the drilling rigs. Now our thermal heaters are being used in a variety of commercial and industrial industries and we are constantly working with customers to create new products that give your company the competitive edge when it comes to thermal commercial heating systems.

Our CSA/UL approved heaters have become the heater of choice for industrial heaters and commercial heating due to their safety, reliability, simple design and durability. We have documented records that these heaters can achieve over 30,000 hours of successful operation. They can withstand the harshest conditions and keep you working when others can’t!

At Therm Dynamics, we have the ability to custom make a heater to perfectly suited your industry’s needs. Contact Therm Dynamics to find out more information on how we can help you with a custom made thermal flameless heater.

There’s a reason why Therm Dynamics is the leader in the industry; we provide not only the most reliable flameless heater but also the safest heater for the environment. We are the global leader in portable, flameless heat.

Contact Therm Dynamics for more information on our line of flameless heaters and to get set up with yours today.