Our most powerful heater delivers over 1.25 Million BTUs of heat at temperatures exceeding 180°F and 9,200 CFM

Our patented technology uses diesel, gas or electric power to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, sparkless, low-pressure environment. Heat output is controlled by simple settings on the engine throttle. The oil is cooled and circulated, not burned, providing a clean, pollution free discharge to the target environment.

*According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics there are only 138,700 BTU’s in 1 gallon of diesel no matter what technology is used. Website reference: https://www.bts.gov/content/energy-consumption-mode-transportation

Safe flameless heat.

Safety is always a priority at Therm Dynamics, especially when it comes to our flameless heaters for commercial heating use. Our flameless heaters release zero flame emissions and are free from carbon monoxide. They are the safest, most reliable heaters used for commercial heating purposes on the market today.

Between employee safety, customer concerns, and increasing regulations, jobsite safety is a very large consideration on any project. We put the time and energy into ensuring that all of our thermal flameless heaters are safe and are above standard regulations for each commercial heating unit.

At Therm Dynamics we take safety seriously and have made the following considerations for each of our commercial heating flameless heaters:

  • No risk of fire because no fire or flame is involved in the operation of the unit
  • We provide a brushless or SAEJ1171 ignition- protected alternator
  • The exhaust heat exchanger safely draws temperatures of the exhaust stack to a level where employees will not get burned if contact with the stack occurs
  • No harmful fumes are vented into the working environment

Therm Dynamics flameless heaters are also one of the easiest thermal flameless heaters to use. With step-by-step instructions posted on all machines, powering up a flameless heater is simple and can be done within a matter of a few minutes.

Therm Dynamics provide high-quality, reliable, portable heaters at competitive pricing.

Our heaters ensure that convenient aftermarket maintenance and serviceability are simple and straightforward. They require very little maintenance, and when it comes time, common parts are readily available at your local auto parts store.

  • SAFE

    Flameless heat is captured from either a Gasoline or Diesel Engine and a “Patented” Low Pressure HYDRAULIC FLUID HEAT PLATE Plus “programmable” patent pending CO DETECTION


    95% Experience in Gas & Oil Industry


    Few Moving Parts, Easy to Use & Maintain


    Huge “Real” Fuel Savings vs. Competition (up to 40%)


    Expectations are for over 12,000 Hours of Dependable Service on Heat Plate


    UL733-2013 & CSA B 140.8.1967 (R2015) STANDARDS   REPORT # 0489HH0025


    One Heater for Multiple Applications


    The oil is cooled and circulated, not burned, providing a clean, pollution free discharge.

Safety features of flameless heaters.

Further safety features are incorporated to protect the investment you have made in your flameless heater from Therm Dynamics.

All flameless heaters, no matter the industry use, are equipped with the following shut-off switches:

  • Water temperatures exceeds 210 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hydraulic plate oil pressure drops to 5 psi
  • Engine speed exceeds 200 rpm above throttle governor speed
  • Engine oil pressure drops to 25 psi
  • Emergency stop button

Optional automatic air intake shut-offs for commercial heating units:

  • Automatic air shut off: Closes the air intake and shuts down the engine in the event of increased RPM’s due to the engine taking in flammable gas fumes

All of our flameless heaters are patented and are certified to CSA/UL standards.

Safety is our top priority and we want to ensure that all users are aware that their flameless heater is the safest flameless heater on the market. Contact Therm Dynamics for any other questions about the safety switches we put into our flameless heaters. 

  • Oil & Gas

    Our flameless heaters were originally built for the oil and gas industry. They provide sufficient amounts of heat to warm up on even the coldest of cold days.

  • Airline

    Major airlines are in need of an efficient way to heat commercial airplanes while they are sitting on the tarmac. We specialize in leading the airline industry in flameless heaters for airlines.

  • Construction

    The perfect solution for construction sites who need a reliable, safe flameless heat source or freeze protection. Our breathable air and carbon monoxide free flameless jobsite heater will keep your employees warm and safe in any environment.

  • Energy

    Energy plants cannot afford to shut down due to freeze-ups and malfunctioning equipment. Therm Dynamics portable heaters keep the energy industry equipment at appropriate operating temperatures which helps to prevent outages.

  • Agriculture

    Keeping livestock, personnel and equipment warm during severe weather is an absolute must in the agriculture world. These flameless heaters can be used also be used to thaw and dry grain in bins.

  • Restoration

    Flameless heaters can work wonders when it comes to cleaning up restoration worksites or pest control. Flameless heaters are an excellent source of thermal heat for drying up worksites or heating up rooms to kill unwanted pests with clean, breathable air.