closer side view of the TD1000 flameless heater designed for the oil and gas industry and energy industry sitting in a parking lot in the winter

Ideal for applications where an open flame or spark-risk is out of the question; the TD1000 excels at providing 1.0 million BTUs of clean, dry heat.

The patented technology uses a diesel power engine to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, low-pressure environment. An overspeed air intake shut-off valve is standard on this equipment. The oil is heated and circulated, not burned, providing a clean pollution free discharge to the target environment. Safety features are incorporated to protect the investment of your Therm Dynamics heater.

All heaters are equipped with a set of four shut-off switches that terminate the engine when excessive pressure, speed or water temperatures are detected.

Certified to UL733-2013 & CSA B 140.8.1967(R2015). Standards Report Number: 489HH001S

  • Fuel: Diesel #2
  • Max BTU Output: 1,000,000
  • Efficiency: 90%+
  • CFM: 6,200+
  • Static Pressure: 3.50” lbs
  • Temperature: 180°F
  • Max Fuel Consumption: 7.6 GPH
  • John Deere 4045 Tier 4F
  • Weight, Empty: 6,500 lbs
  • Weight, Full: 7,900 lbs
  • Height: 8’5”
  • Width: 6’7”
  • Length: 15’3” overall with inlet and outlet


  • 2 – 16″


  • Fuel Capacity: 200 Gallons
  • Double Containment

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