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Ideal for applications where an open flame or spark-risk is out of the question; the TD1000 excels at providing 1.0 million BTUs of clean, dry heat.

The patented technology uses a diesel power engine to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, low-pressure environment. An overspeed air intake shut-off valve is standard on this equipment. The oil is heated and circulated, not burned, providing a clean pollution free discharge to the target environment. Safety features are incorporated to protect the investment of your Therm Dynamics heater.

All heaters are equipped with a set of four shut-off switches that terminate the engine when excessive pressure, speed or water temperatures are detected.

Certified to UL733-2013 & CSA B 140.8.1967(R2015). Standards Report Number: 489HH001S



18 years of proven performance in the harshest conditions


Few moving parts and intelligently designed


Huge, real fuel savings versus indirect fired flame heaters. (40%)


Flameless heat is captured from the diesel engine and a patented low pressure hydraulic fluid heat plate


Therm Dynamics heaters are certified to CSA/UL standards


Expectations are for over 12,000 hours of dependable service



Fuel: Diesel #2
Max BTU Output: 1,000,000
Efficiency: 90%+
CFM: 6,200+
Static Pressure: 3.50” lbs
Temperature: 180°F
Max Fuel Consumption: 7.6 GPH
1” – 12“
Power plant
John Deere 4045 Tier 4F
Weight, Empty: 6,500 lbs
Weight, Full: 7,900 lbs
Height: 8’5”
Width: 6’7”
Length: 15’3” overall with inlet and outlet
Fuel Capacity: 200 Gallons, 2 100 gallon tanks with separation valve
Double Containment


Our versatile, portable heaters can be used in hundreds of applications including thawing frozen ground, heating buildings or structures, curing concrete, drywall/paint drying and removing excess moisture to inhibit mold growth and any other application that requires clean, dry, flameless heat.


Easy access to all maintenance components and minimal operation supervision
Low humidity, high CFM for drying. Reduces relative humidity
Clean, uncontaminated air output improves working environment. No carbon monoxide poisoning risk
Thermostat controlled operation will improve fuel efficiency
Halliburton, Conoco, Exxon, Shell, BP and Anadarko currently utilize our heaters in their fleet
Safe, flameless heat. Eliminates all risk of fires
Proudly made in Tea, SD USA


Available options include custom paint, ducting, ducting storage, recirculation inlets, operational strobe light, emergency shut-down button and many more.