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Ideal for applications where portable heat and a generator are needed for all types of construction projects. 500,000 BTU/HR of clean, dry heat.

This heater is portable and simple to operate. All parts have easy access for quick service and routine maintenance. TD heaters meet OSHA standards and have CSA or ETL approval. Our heaters have been operating in extreme conditions in Northern Canada for over 20 years.



18 years of proven performance in the harshest conditions


Few moving parts and intelligently designed


Huge, real fuel savings versus indirect fired flame heaters. (40%)


Flameless heat is captured from the diesel engine and a patented low pressure hydraulic fluid heat plate


Therm Dynamics heaters are certified to CSA/UL standards


Expectations are for over 12,000 hours of dependable service

Highway Legal Trailer


Fuel: Diesel / Kerosene
Max BTU Output: 500,000 BTU/H
Efficiency: 82%
CFM: 4,800
Static Pressure: 3.5” W.C.
Temperature: 250°F
Power plant
Generator: Kohler ES 6500 Watts
Shore Power: 120 or 220V, 20 AMP / 60 HZ, 1.0 HP Electric Fan
Weight, Empty: 1,600 lbs
Height: 55″
Width: 52″
Length: 84″
Fuel Capacity: 50 GALS(US) / 159 LITERS
Run Time Shore Power: 16 HRS Generator: 12.5 HRS
Max Fuel Burn: 4.0 G PH


Our versatile, portable heaters can be used in hundreds of applications including thawing frozen ground, heating buildings or structures, curing concrete, drywall/paint drying and removing excess moisture to inhibit mold growth and any other application that requires clean, dry, flameless heat.


The most fuel efficient, durable and reliable INDIRECT FIRED heater in its class. Whisper Quiet < 68 db while operating on Shore Power
Easy access for quick service and routine maintenance
Standard 16″ duct with optional “Step Down” to 2 x 12″ ducts
Beckett Burner, 82% efficient, “Multi Pass” stainless steel heat exchanger, Plenum fan
Kohler Generator “Commercial EV Series” ~ 6500 watts, completely portable heater, plus power for lights and tools
4,800 CFM can accommodate up to 100′ of ducting
Standard Duct Tube Storage
Simple to operate
Set to shore power or Generator
Turn on master switch
Push start
Black Heater “In” ~ preheat in extreme cold
Auxiliary Power “Out” ~ operate tools and lights
Shore Power “In” ~ whisper quiet operation, save on fuel


Single 16″ or 2 x 12″
Remote Thermostat
LED Light Tower