Not only does Therm Dynamics provide high-quality, reliable, portable heaters at competitive pricing, we also design our heaters to ensure that convenient aftermarket maintenance and serviceability are simple and straightforward.  Our heaters require very little maintenance, and when it comes time, common parts are readily available at your local auto parts store.

Therm Dynamics is the global leader in flameless portable heat.  Our heaters are:

PROVEN – Nearly 20 years of field experience

RELIABLE – Our customers have confirmed that our heaters average 95% serviceability status vs.70% with competitive products

FLAMELESS – Therm Dynamics heaters are incredibly safe with no flame

SIMPLE – With very few moving components, maintenance is minimal

DURABLE – Expectations are for over 12,000 hours of dependable service

EFFICIENT – Most economical fuel dollars/BTU

CERTIFIED – Therm Dynamics flameless heaters are certified to CSA/UL standards