Safer and More Efficient Commercial and Industrial Heating Options

Weather. The ever changing, unknown catalyst on industrial and commercial job sites. Is your job site and your workforce prepared for mother nature? Are the heaters you have in place, right now, the safest options for your employees and for your jobsite? Are your expense reports being destroyed by fuel costs? Are you answering questions on Greenhouse Gas Emissions for your company? Our portable flameless heaters can fix your jobsite weather concerns, safety concerns, lower fuel costs and lower your greenhouse gas emissions. 

Traditional Options for Commercial and Industrial Heating

There have traditionally been two options for Industrial Heating and Commercial Heating. 

  1. Direct Fired Heaters – works from basic fuel combustion. Direct heat is created from a burner that turns heat energy into a gas or liquid that flows through coils. Warm air and exhaust is sent back into the workspace. Your employees are breathing all exhaust produced by this type of heat. 
  2. Indirect Fired Heaters – Designed to fix the exhaust issue of Direct Fired Heaters. This type of industrial heating vents all exhaust to the exterior. While exhaust escapes, so does most of your warm air, making this option very inefficient. Indirect Fired Heaters also require more fuel to output the same BTUs as Direct Fired Heaters. This results in increased fuel costs and increased greenhouse gas emissions. 

Flameless Heaters for Commercial and Industrial Heating 

The third option for industrial heating offered by Therm Dynamics provides benefits to your employees, your jobsite and your bottom line. Our Flameless Heat can fix your air pollution and exhaust issues caused by Direct Fired Heaters. Flameless Heaters are the best option for dangerous or high risk job sites and can dramatically decrease your risk of fires on job sites. Some of the benefits of Flameless Heaters are:

  1. Safety. Your number one concern is the largest benefit. Flameless Heat not only decreases your fire risk, but it drastically improves breathing conditions for your employees who may be used to traditional options of Industrial Heating.
  2. Increased Run Time with Powerful Heat Output. Run times from 23 hours to over 56, depending on model. 
  3. Job Site Efficiency. Our Flameless Heat options require annual oil changes with extended service intervals. The large access panels allow for quick maintenance with very little downtime to your job site.  

Trailer hitch directly on our Portable Flameless Heaters gives you the ability to move  your Industrial Heating on your job site. The trailer hitch allows you and your employees to completely customize where and how your heat is distributed.