Therm Dynamics has powerful water damage restoration flameless heaters to heat homes quickly and to safely dry them out after water damage. Our powerful heaters produce heat in a range of 400,000 BTU’s to 1,000,000+ BTU’s for a dry, efficient heating of water damaged properties. Our flameless heaters dry out water damaged properties in hours; whereas, competitor heaters can take days to dry out homes. The water damage restoration flameless heaters at Therm Dynamics produce high temperature outputs even in the coldest of temperatures. Our flameless heaters are very fuel efficient (90%+) that produce completely clean, dry, breathable air with zero emissions in the heated air. Our flameless heaters are extremely safe as our heaters do not use flammable fuels for the safety of your property. Therm Dynamics has proven itself time and time again with over 20 years of performance in the harshest of conditions.

Flameless Heat Restoration

Undergoing a restoration project is not an easy or enjoyable task, especially in the frigid winter months or after a heavy rain. Flooding can cause considerable property damage. Waiting for the flood damage to dry naturally takes a lot of time and can increase the amount of property damage. Flameless water damage restoration heaters from Therm Dynamics allow you to accelerate the drying process and avoid further damage. Flameless heaters are the safest way to conduct water damage restoration and are the most reliable heaters on the market.

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