Therm Dynamics construction heaters are designed with the elements necessary to keep a site warm, dry and functional. Therm Dynamics’ portable, flameless heaters are the best solution when it comes to heating for spray foam insulation preparation and dehumidifying. Flameless heaters are ideal especially when spray foam insulation installation is needed because they do not produce a flame, making them safe to use in any space. Our flameless heaters are also portable, making them easily transported from jobsite to jobsite.

When adverse weather strikes, leaving you unable to work until your site dries or heats up, you lose time and money. Prevent this from happening and get back to work sooner by investing in portable construction heaters from Therm Dynamics. Portable construction heaters are the most reliable flameless heater on the market. Using a flameless, carbon monoxide free air system, you can efficiently dry out or heat up any job site allowing you to get the job done in the safest manner possible.

Why Choose Flameless Heaters for Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a revolutionary product with the potential to reduce a home’s energy usage by as much as 50 percent, as compared to other insulation products. Spray foam insulation is done to insulate, seal gaps, and form moisture and vapor barriers within walls, thus resisting heat transfer and reducing unwanted air infiltration through cracks. When the weather conditions put a damper on your spray foam insulation installation project timeline, you need flameless heaters from Therm Dynamics.

Spray foam insulation projects can be costly, so if you have to take a day off from completing a project, you are losing money. That’s why a flameless heater is a “must have” for all spray foam insulation contractors. Therm Dynamics’ flameless heaters are the most reliable heaters for ensuring that all jobsites are warm and dry within mere hours. If you are concerned that your spray foam insulation installation could be delayed due to dampness or lack of heat on the jobsite, our portable flameless heaters allow the spray foam insulation process to resume faster than alternative heaters on the market.

With a portable construction heater from Therm Dynamics, you’ll never have to delay your spray foam insulation project. Our flameless heaters can heat and dry out any room allowing you to stay on schedule in the safest, most efficient way.

Dehumidify with a Flameless Heater

Flameless heaters are great for drying out damp, muggy rooms. With the ability to heat up any space, our heaters will dry out your work area without a flame and without releasing carbon monoxide allowing you to never be delayed. Dehumidifying a room or jobsite has never been easier!

If you are working on a job in a muggy area or during the winter months, the enclosed room has a greater chance of becoming very humid and muggy making it impossible to properly install spray foam installation. Therm Dynamics can provide you with dehumidifying equipment that is sure to help dry out any workspace allowing you to resume normal operation. Our heaters are simple to use and can dehumidify any space in a timely manner.

Count on dehumidifying equipment from Therm Dynamics to come through when you need to dehumidify a basement or other enclosed room. Our flameless heaters are here to help reduce the humidity and moisture one dehumidifier at a time.


Therm Dynamics designed their flameless, portable construction heaters with the end user in mind. Our heaters are the simplest portable heater one could use. We design our heaters to ensure that convenient aftermarket maintenance and serviceability are simple and straightforward. Portable construction heaters require very little maintenance, and when it comes time, common parts are readily available at your local auto parts store.

With a flameless heater for your spray foam jobs, you know you will be getting a reliable, proven, simple, durable, and efficient heater.

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