Bed Bug heat treatment

No one wants to have to deal with bed bugs. Luckily bed bug heat treatment is very effective and extremely safe. Bed bug heat treatment is one of the most effective methods to kill bed bugs because it kills bed bugs in all stages of life. Heat treatment exterminates bed bugs in the hard to reach places throughout homes and apartments, such as electrical outlets as well as beds and dressers. Heating entire homes even kills the bed bugs that are crawling in the walls, which chemicals cannot reach. With heat treatment, there is no need to vacate the property to let chemicals settle. Bed bug heat treatment is the most efficient, green, and safest way to exterminate bed bugs.

Pest Control Heat Treatment  

Therm Dynamics has powerful flameless heaters that produce 400,000 BTU’s to 1,000,000+ BTU’s. Entire houses can be treated in a matter of hours instead of days. Our heaters are extremely fuel efficient (90%+) and produce zero emissions to the heated air keeping the heated area completely breathable. Our flameless heaters work tremendously well in all types of weather including the extreme cold. No matter the weather, our flameless heaters will ramp the temperature up to kill bed bugs in homes or apartments in a matter of hours. Our flameless heaters are very safe and simple needing no external fuel tanks and are non-electric, meaning there are no dangerous electrical cords needed. We have been offering flameless heaters that have proven to be very effective in the harshest environments for over 20 years.

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